About Us

The Next Generation Networking Group (NG2) is a core group of faculty at UCSB whose research, both individually and collaboratively, span a broad range of research problems. Together with other faculty in Computer Science, the NG2 members are investigating and solving core problems in networking research that are fundamental to enhancing the service and reliability of the Internet.
The major NG2 research projects follow both network-centric and application-centric thrusts. The Internet has evolved beyond one or even many wired backbones to include satellite, wireless, and cellular links. Dealing with the unique physical characteristics of these media and providing support for traditional Internet applications are both key areas of NG2 research. In addition, as the Internet and its use continue to evolve, there will be a need for more sophisticated network services to support increasingly complex applications. Investigating research areas in network support for multimedia data, overlays, peer-to-peer, security, and quality-of-service are all directions in NG2.
NG2 is working to become one of the premiere networking research groups in the world. It has a core group of highly talented faculty, strong collaborative ties, outstanding research labs, significant research impact to-date, and a core group of more than 30 students and researchers.
Note to prospective students: The NG2 group is always looking for outstanding Ph.D. students in the area of networking. If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in networking and have a strong undergraduate record, then we encourage you to apply. All Ph.D. students that are admitted to the department are guaranteed funding through a combination of teaching and research assistantships, so financial considerations should not stop you from applying. There are many possibilities for exciting research in networking at UCSB. NG2 is a collaborative group with many projects spanning researchers within NG2 as well as with other collaborators. Students here have an opportunity to work on both individual projects and projects that involve both other students and faculty. Please visit the webpages of the individual labs to learn more about the on-going projects and research interests of the networking faculty.

The NG2 collaborators include: